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Sexy stoner rock ‘n roll power trio from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

There’s no better recipe for a smile on your face than the sexy stoner rock ‘n roll songs of Rhinorino. The swinging sounds of the Utrecht based three piece is all about positive vibes, groovin’ riffs and thundering drums. Their newest album Let’s Blow This Popsicle Stand is chock full of audio sunshine and high energy. The ten tracks are a call for positivity and provide the soundtrack to a world where cocktails, palm trees and surfing make up daily life. With their music, they’re ready to deliver musical vitamin D to venues both abroad and in their native Holland. They’ve been playing shows in The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Wherever people are in need for some Vitamin Positivo they perform: in bars, venues, clubs, squated buildings and festivals, like Popronde, Eurosonic, Fortarock as support for The Paceshifters and The Freeks (ex-Fu Manchu). You Ready? Let’s go!

Contact & bookings

Pim van Ham | +31620428852